When Nomads was created, we understood the need to give voice and support the minorities we are in contact with. The main objective is to stop the process towards sedentary lifestyle for those who want to continue being nomads.


Today this group is at risk, forgotten by international institutions and organizations.  In some cases, forced to settle and seeing their way of life become extinct.


Since 2018-19, Paralelo 70 Foundation has incorporated International Cooperation, with direct aid and alliances thanks to Institutions, NGOs and Foundations, to help the sustainability of the traditional way of life of the nomadic ethnic groups.


The cooperation work that P70 Foundation is carrying out is based on: 


  1. Opening of collaboration networks in the beneficiary country with the local and central government, internationals and local NGOs and shareholders


  1. Diagnosis and elaboration of a strategic plan within the Logical Framework Method: 
  1. Allocate resources
  2. Communicate the plan
  3. Analysis of problems and objectives
  4. Action plan and calendar
  5. Monitor progress in all process


  1. Communication and diffusion through audiovisuals and written content of the cooperation project in the cooperating and the beneficiary country