Nomads is an international educational project that consists of audiovisual series in documentary film format, whose objective is to contribute to encouraging the values we have as a society to be able to face the changes that are destroying the balance with the natural and social environment.


It is a project distributed in independent chapters, filmed in different countries in which we portray nomadic societies from all over the planet, many of them undocumented, that survive in a world with new rules in which they have been left behind.


Through our own experience we give voice to these ethnic groups that are facing: climate change, resource distribution, social policies, the global economic system, the relationship with biodiversity and fast development.  And because of this, many of them are disappearing.


Nomads show a series of values of great importance to work with. The programme of cooperation and development includes external help and alliances with other institutions to protect their environment, the biodiversity, their social heritage and cultural diversity.