Being in direct contact with Travellers, living and sharing with them their way of life, allows us to identify first hand the priority needs of these groups and the problems they face.


Actions aimed at cooperation, development, the environment, the protection of biodiversity and cultural diversity


The Paralelo 70 Foundation is a non-profit organisation that produces a series of documentaries on the Nomads.

Our team

The Foundation is the result of 20 years of experience in which we have photographed some of the most remote areas of the world and the technical expertise of the team involved in the project.


Paralelo 70 Foundation

The P70 Foundation is a non-profit organization with the aim of enhancing visibility through audiovisual and written content of:


1. Territory

2. Climate and Environment changes

3. Distribution of resources, globalization and global economic factors

4. Preservation of biodiversity

5. Sustainability

6. Equality, children’s rights 


NOMADS is the main project the foundation is carrying out to study actual problems through these fragile societies. In addition, there are collaboration programs with other foundations, organizations and people with whom we share values and a mission. 

After 20 years of documentation, P70 Foundation and the technical experience of its team will show the world the most remote places on earth, the oldest traditions still alive, and how life can be so different between our society and others. Always giving hope and fighting for a better world. 


The strengths of our Foundation are:


  • Preparation of audiovisual documentation
  • Communication and diffusion
  • Open contact networks in the beneficiary countries 
  • Development of diagnostics within the logical framework
  • Expeditions in remote areas, elaboration of routes in extreme locations
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